Join us for a retreat in Costa Rica Feb 20-27, 2016

Adventure through an enlightening process of self-discovery and fulfillment. This week is designed to remind you of what you were born to do, while reconnecting with the true essence of life. Click here to learn more.

Does your body need healing?
Is your body demanding attention? Sometimes you just need to learn to listen to its messages. The digestive disorders, menopausal symptoms, allergies and other physical complaints you experience are all just trying to tell you something…

How calm is your mind?
Are you ready to grow and thrive amidst your challenges? You can’t always control the chaos around you; however, you CAN find greater peace and stay centered amidst any storm that comes your way.

Do you hear your soul?
Are you in alignment with your deepest desires? Are you ready to connect with your authentic Self? You can live in a way that makes you feel fully alive – a life of deeper meaning and more passionate purpose.

Sharon’s warmth and compassion made it incredibly easy for us to work with her, and more importantly my daughter realized some true and rapid results working with Sharon, I highly recommend working with Sharon.


white shirt croppedHi, I’m Sharon Cohen, and I’m here to offer you wellness solutions that address more than just your physical body. You see, your body is intimately connected to both your mind and your spirit and what happens in one affects the other. Like the lotus, you are an intricate, interconnected system. And like the lotus, you can blossom and reveal your radiance, no matter how muddy the waters around you.

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